US Markets Today: Short Session, Subdued Trading

Nov 27, 2015, (9:03AM EST)

Day following the Thanksgiving, U.S. markets will close early today, at 1.30 PM EST.

The shorter session is expected to remain subdued as volumes will be thin, no new buying will come before the weekend and benchmark indexes already being near major highs will deter traders from taking new positions.

European markets are already trading mostly lower and volatile. U.S. stock futures have also given up their earlier gains and are now dipping below the red line.

The biggest factor in this session is the Dollar index trading comfortable above the mark of 100 against a basket of six major currencies, showing investor confidence about a rate hike from the Fed.

This strong uptrend in the Dollar index has brought down euro and Gold and is expected to put pressure on equities.

U.S. markets are expected to trade in a small range with high volatility just like previous sessions in this week.

Traders should watch previous support and resistance levels and trade with the trend, which is not expected to make any big moves today.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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Indian Markets Today: Technical Resistance for Nifty

 27 Nov, 2015 (9:13AM IST)

Nifty was stopped by its technical resistance of 20-Day Moving Average yesterday, and that resistance seems intact near 7,909 level today as well.

SGX Nifty is trading with minor loss, following global cues, and Indian markets with Nifty are expected to follow these cues.

For Nifty, 7,870 is creating the pivotal support level. As long as the index trades above this level, it will have more chances of trading positive in the session and could tray to reach 7,909 level of first resistance.

However, in Nifty falls below this level then it will find support near 7,844 and 7,805 levels.

These levels mark the immediate range for Nifty. Watch these levels and trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Slightly Lower on Good Data from Japan

27 Nov, 2015, (9:07 AM IST )

Nov 26, 2015,( 10:37pm EST)

Asian markets are trading negative as unemployment rate has come down more than expected in Japan.

U.S. markets were closed yesterday for Thanksgiving holiday and will trade for only half-session on Friday. That makes world markets trade on their local cues and in Asia, these cues are negative.

SGX Nifty is also trading slightly lower, indicating a subdued opening in Indian markets today.

European stock futures are also trading negative, adding to the subdued trading pattern in global markets.

European markets had been rallying on more QE hopes from the ECB. Today, these markets might see a weekly profit booking and remain volatile within their previous session’s range.

Expect a subdued session in global markets today, where the opening has been negative and the session is expected to be range bound and volatile as euro zone will receive many economic reports later in the session.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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Indian Markets Today: F&O Expiry, Volatile Session Ahead

 26 Nov, 2015 (9:20AM IST)

Indian Markets are expected to see a volatile session as the F&O expiration takes place today and global cues remain range bound.

Intra day trend on such days is uncertain so day traders should watch markets for any trend signals then trade accordingly.

For Nifty, today’s pivot mark will be near 7,838- which has been a strong resistance/ support level in recent weeks.

Above this level, Nifty will have more chances of trading positive and could tray to regain 7,863 and 7,895 levels.

However, if Nifty falls below 7,838, and fails to recover, then it could seek support near 7,806 and 7,780 levels.

Watch these levels and trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Range Bound, Volatile Session

26 Nov, 2015 (9:14AM IST)

Nov 25, 2015, (10:45pm EST)

U.S. markets closed flat in their last session after trading with healthy gains, indicating that these markets are maintaining a small and steady range.

European markets had rallied yesterday after the ECB hinted at more easy monetary policy on fears of global slowdown.

Asian markets are following these cues and trading with gains but staying within a narrow range.

U.S. and European stock futures are trading positive, so is SGX Nifty signaling that global markets are staying within their weekly range and could trade in a narrow intra day range with much volatility.

Traders should keep an eye on their local index’s support and resistance levels and trade with the trend, that is a bounce back from supports will signal “buy at dips” chance and a turn down from resistance will indicate a “sell at high” trading strategy.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Volatile on conflicting signals

Nov 25, 2015, (9:18AM EST)

U.S. economy has reported some positive numbers related to jobless claims, which adds to more green signals for the Fed to hike its rates.

However, a warning from the ECB about spillover effects of Chinese economy has thrilled European markets that are now rallying in hopes of more stimulus from their central bank.

U.S. stock futures are not showing that much enthusiasm as their economy is stabilizing and near all time high levels, their benchmark indexes do not have much headroom to move ahead.

That means, we might see a range bound and volatile session in U.S. markets today where major indexes could remain confined to this week’s range. Selling could come in near weekly high levels. Likewise, support could come in near this week’s low level, however, this is not certain as U.S. markets are facing worries about a Fed’s rate hike.

Watch how major indexes, especially Dow Jones trade in the first 30 minutes, then follow the trend. Expect high volatility in today’s session.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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European Markets Today: Volatile on data heavy day

Nov 25, 2015, (2:53AM EST)

European and U.S. stock futures had been trading with minuscule gains when French Consumer Confidence reports arrived with better than expected numbers.

With that U.S. stock futures dipped in to the red.

DAX (Germany) futures are still positive after yesterday’s big slide, but CAC 40  (France) and FTSE 100 (U.K.) have turned red.

European markets faced big slides yesterdays on various regional worries. Those worries are still in place so a rebound hope is not strong. Most probably, a small range bound or negative session could take place in these markets today.

Many other important economic reports are also scheduled in the session so markets could remain highly volatile.

Good luck, trade safely!

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US Markets Today: Down on Regional Worries

Nov 24, 2015, (9:23AM EST)

Terror worries in Belgium, armed tension between Turkey and Russia and improved economic data had weighed in heavily on these major markets.

European markets are trading with deep losses and U.S. stock futures are also highly negative, indicating a big gap down opening in U.S. markets today.

These markets had been holding bravely after terror attacks on Paris two weeks ago but now the new tensions have spooked investors and a money-outflow is happening in equities.

Dow Jones futures are trading more than -100 points down, indicating a deeply lower opening in this index and broader U.S. markets.

Dow Jones has a support near 17,700. If the index recovers and starts trading above this level then a recovery could come. However, if Dow Jones keeps below this level then more losses could come ahead.

Watch for some time how markets behave after the lower opening, then trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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Indian Markets Today: Profit Booking before F&O Expiry?

24 Nov, 2015 (8:46AM IST)

SGX Nifty is showing bigger losses today compared to other markets, indicating a bigger gap down opening in Indian markets later in the session.

Indian markets will remain closed tomorrow and the day after, these markets will have their monthly Futures & Options contract expiration. Traders will probably look to take their money off the table before the close today.

SGX Nifty is indicating that NSE Nifty might open near its first support of the day, 7,823 level.

Usually, markets see some recovery after a gap down opening so traders should wait for markets to stabilize after the opening watch how Nifty behave near its intra day support and resistance levels.

On the upper side, 7,850 and 7,876 will mark these resistance levels.

7,823 and 7,798 will mark the first two support levels. If Nifty falls below 7,798 and stays below this level, then it can go down to the last support of the day of 7,771.

Markets could see more volatility once European markets open and traders should remain cautious for any sudden movement in Nifty.

Nifty will effectively behave like today’s session is F&O expiration session, and negative bias looks more prominent in this index today.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Subdued and Range Bound

24 Nov, 2015 (8:26AM IST)

Nov 23, 2015, (9:56pm EST)

After U.S. markets remained range bound and closed negative, just as we had expected, global markets are following a similar pattern.

Asian markets are trading with slightly lower numbers, SGX Nifty is highly negative, indicating a possibly low opening for Indian markets and major index futures from U.S. and European markets are also slightly negative.

Global markets are now getting ready for the Fed’s December meeting where the central bank is expected to announce a rate hike after a long time.

Today, European markets will receive a number of important economic reports from Germany and that might have an impact on their trading pattern. As we have been witnessing in recent sessions, nowadays global markets follow the trading pattern in European markets, especially DAX (Germany). So expect high levels of volatility in markets once the opening bell rings in Europe.

Global markets are expected to trade in their last week’s range and for intra day trading, yesterday’s high and low will mark the immediate range for any index. A rise above the previous high will indicate positive intra day trend and a dip below the pervious low could mean more losses for any index.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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