Indian Markets Today: Rate cuts not expected, markets trim gains

4 Aug, 2015 (9:33AM IST)

Indian markets are waiting for the RBI’s monetary policy today, Markets were hoping for a rat cut as the pro-business government had tried to take away some powers from the RBI Governor but now that move has fizzled out and economic experts have given their opinion that they don’t expect a rate cut in today’s RBI policy meeting.

That’s why Indian markets have turned negative in initial opening trading.

If Nifty fails to keep above 8538 then its headed for a negative session today. In that case, its next support levels will be 8,512 and 8,482. If this lower level is breached, then Nifty can head down to 8,456 quickly and finally to 8,300 in next few session.

Watch those levels and trade with the trend which seems negative today.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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World Markets Today: Selling Pressure Increases

Aug 4, 2015, (0:03AM EDT)

4 Aug, 2015 (9:33AM IST)

U.S. markets tumbled dangerously close to breaching their major support levels in their last session. Although these markets closed with some good recovery, it was clear that selling pressure in mounting in these biggest markets.

Global markets are following that negative trend today with most of the Asian markets trading negative and U.S. and European stock futures staying lower in the red zone.

Expect global markets to trade with volatility and mostly negative today. Indexes might trade within their monthly range. Selling at high seems to be the current strategy in markets.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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US Markets Today: Range Bound and Volatile Session

Aug 3, 2015, (9:28AM EDT)

A lot can happen when markets are range bound and volatile. Ask traders in European markets who got a chance to trade in both negative (early session) and positive direction today.

Going by the alternate red and green numbers stock futures, in U.S. markets might present the same opportunity to their traders.

17,650-  or rather accurately, 17,644  is the level to be watched in Dow Jones, because below that level, The index will head lower to 17,600 and if, by good fortunes of bears, it falls below that level then we can expect it to touch 17,500, its major support level.

However, if it survives above 17,700 then it can head back to 17,800.

That makes it a narrow range for Dow Jones and broader U.S. markets.

That also means that skills of day traders will be tested whether they buy at support and sell at resistance, or make the mistake of selling at support ( and markets bounce back to hit their stop loss) and buy at resistance (and markets turn down to hit their stop loss).

Now you know the strategy, you know the levels to watch. Do just that, watch how Dow Jones behaves near its major levels and trade accordingly.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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Indian Markets Today: Will Nifty Resume Its Uptrend?

3 Aug, 2015 (9:15 AM IST)

Indian markets are in a happy mood because there is going to be huge money inflow from the government in coming days in the banking sector and stock markets.

The Indian government is going to provide billions of dollar in aid to its public sector banks and a similar huge amount ( 5%) of public provident funds is to be invested in stock markets.

These two incidents might bring a new rally in Indian markets. So watch if Nifty trades higher today because that will indicate if Indian markets will continue with their uptrend.

Nifty above 8,509 will be considered in an uptrend. In that case, this index can try to reclaim 8,600 or 8,640 levels.

However, if Nifty fails to sustain above 8,500 and falls below this mark, then the index can turn low and go back to 8,470 level.

That is the immediate range for Nifty. Watch these numbers and trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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World Markets Today: Greek Markets To Open, China Falls Again

3 Aug, 2015, (9:14 AM IST)

Aug 2, 2015, (11:44pm EDT)

The best day of the week has arrived; a Monday, when global markets open again after sleeping through the weekend. Without markets, its wretched world out there! Work for a boss, do lots of brown nosing, still get a beating in the morning, pretend not to be a loser in the afternoon (mostly with a selfie with the boss), get more beating in the evening, go home cursing  the boss ( and vice versa).

Thank goodness, in stock markets we all are our own bosses.

That relief is shared by Greek traders who return to trading rings after a gap of two weeks when their markets remained closed. Stock markets in Greece will reopen today after their debt deal crisis. Here is a hearty welcome to Greek traders to come and lose more bailout money in markets.

Chinese traders are already doing that. Chinese markets are trading more than 2% down after some negative economic reports and have dragged down other Asian markets with them. SGX Nifty is trading slightly lower but Indian markets might escape this low turn in Asia as they have a lot to celebrate. More about Indian markets later.

U.S. stock futures are negative, but not much. European stock futures are showing more losses as Puerto Rico has confirmed that is it going to miss its debt payment installment and is on the verge of a default.

That’s more than enough drama in the opening hours of this first session of the week.

Expect global markets to trade under pressure today. European markets might be the trend setter today. Watch your local index and trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the drama and trade safely.

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US Markets Today: Volatile, Range Bound Session

Jul 31, 2015, (9:15AM EDT)

U.S. stock futures are indicating a very slow paced, narrowly range bound session today. European markets are also trading in a similar manner after a whole month of highly exciting roller coaster ride of various worries and problems.

Traders and investors are preparing for the weekend and time out to prepare next week’s strategies. No big events are slated for next week, at least for U.S. markets and it will be back to watching major economic reports in the last couple of session every week.

Today also, U.S. markets will receive a number of major economic reports and some volatility is expected during the release of various reports. Overall, markets have accepted the inevitable rate hike from the Fed and that might keep a lid on the upper side of current range.

For Dow Jones, last two session high and low will mark the immediate range (17,776-  17,640). For this index, 17,800 still marks a strong resistance.

At lower end, 17,734 and 17,651 will mark immediate support levels. And then, 17,600.

That shows how narrow the intra day range is for Dow Jones. Till any of these upper or lower levels are breached (17,800- 17,600), this index and broader U.S. markets will remain range bound and traders will have to look for smaller trends and profits through the session.

Good luck, enjoy the last session of this week.

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Indian Markets Today: Hopeful before the RBI meeting

31 Jul, 2015, (9:06 AM IST)

The Reserve Bank of India will declare its short term policy measures on Tuesday, 4th August. As usual, Indian markets have started to inch up in hopes of a rate cut.

In last two sessions, Nifty had gained some 100 points but the index seems to be facing resistance near its previous high level (8,460).

SGX Nifty has tried to reach its previous high but faced strong selling pressure each time.

In Indian indexes, Nifty and Bank Nifty, both are displaying mixed signals on technical charts. Bank Nifty is showing less enthusiasm about racing forward while Nifty continues to show more buying support.

A positive opening is indicated in Indian markets today. But, like yesterday, these markets might face resistance near higher levels.

Nifty faces resistance near 8,451- 8,480 and finally at 8,500 mark.

As long as this index trades above 8,429, it will remain in an uptrend. 8,408 has proved to be a very strong support till now for Nifty, so effectively this index is now range bound between 8,400 and 8,500 levels.

Watch how Nifty behaves after the gap up opening and then trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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World Markets Today: Turning Narrowly Range Bound, Volatile

31 Jul, 2015, (9:06 AM IST)

Jul 30, 2015, (11:36pm EDT)

World markets seems exhausted after last two week’s high excitement before the Fed’s meeting and are now trading within narrow ranges.

As is usual in small ranges, volatility spikes up as indexes try to remain within specific boundaries (support and resistance). That also means that happy days are here again for day traders who will have excellent chances to trade in both up and down direction for smaller profits.

So, it is time for traders to change their trading strategy and be prepared to sell near high and buy near low levels. They will also have to be on their toes to book profits near main levels instead of waiting for a trend and let their positions run through the whole session.

U.S. and European markets indicated this range bound behavior yesterday and Asian markets are following that trend today. Major markets in Asia are trading mixed, with some positive, some range bound and Chinese markets once again in the red. SGX Nifty is trading with gains, but still staying within the limits of its previous session’s high, indicating that Indian markets might remain range bound too.

Expect global markets to trade mostly on local cues as global cues have disappeared. High volatility and small intra day trends will be flavor of the day. Any index trading above its previous high will probably rise till next resistance level and any index trading below its previous low will trade down to next support level.

Watch how your local index trades and follow the movement.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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US Markets Today: Good GDP Numbers, Negative Mood

Jul 30, 2015, (9:20AM EDT)

Some meetings cause much pain in markets; before, during and after. The Fed’s meeting this moth will go down the annals of history as one such meeting.

Yesterday, after their two-day meeting, the FOMC members released a statement which expressed satisfaction over labor market and overall economic growth hinting that a rate hike was on its way since the U.S. economy was improving.

That also meant, markets will now react to every positive economic report with negative mood.

So, when the U.S. GDP posted strong Q2 numbers on solid consumer spending, U.S. stock futures turned negative.  Gold dropped like a stone, and bond yields spiked. Of course, this scenario changed slightly when jobless claims numbers came in with slight increase.

But all in all, U.S. markets have now accepted that a rate hike is now inevitable and is on its way soon. There will be no meeting of the FOMC in August and in September, the Fed is expected to bring in the first hike in its lending rates, and then second hike in December.

Till then, markets will remain volatile and react to every economic news but overall trend will now remain under pressure and we might see a gradual decrease in market levels.

U.S. markets had rallied yesterday so today’s immediate range will be marked by last session’s high and low levels.

For intra day trading in Dow Jones, 17,700 will mark its first support. Below this level, the index can go down to 17,644 or 17,600.

17,500 and 17,400 will mark its next support levels and Dow Jones will be considered range bound at current levels till these supports are breached in coming sessions.

On higher level, 17,776 and 17,800 mark its strong resistance levels.

Watch these levels and how Dow Jones behaves near these numbers; then trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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Indian Markets Today: Volatile on F&O Expiration

30 Jul, 2015, (9:19 AM IST )

Indian markets could see a volatile session as Futures &Options expiration takes place today. Markets could trade on hopes of rate cuts from their own central bank in its meeting next month. The Fed’s rate cut has not been mentioned so that could provide temporary relief to these markets.

Nifty has found good support near its 50-Day Moving Average in last two sessions, so it could get some technical support.

However, only the closing levels will prove if Nifty maintains this technical bounce back or selling pressure comes at higher levels.

For today, 8,434 will be the topmost resistance for the index. 8,365 will be the lowest support and it is expected to trade within this range.

Indian markets are know to rally on hopes very frequently and if Nifty takes a strong positive trend, then it could try to get back to previous high of 8,481.

On the other hand, if Nifty fails to sustain above 8,400, then it might trade back to 8,365 level. Watch carefully how this index behaves and trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

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