Indian Markets Today: Volatile on Global cues

1 Oct, 2014 (9:03AM IST)

Indian markets are in a very interesting position today. Rupee has fallen to nearly 62.  Despite two big losing sessions in the Indian currency, Indian markets are holding on to their current range.

I watch these emerging markets more closely on major policy days from the Fed or the ECB since these markets are moved by FIIs and their movement might indicate what the global market-mood is.

Will Indian market ignore rupee’s fall again, or, will we see a trading pattern in Indian equities similar to INR’s trading pattern?

That will become clear only in the initial hour of trading in these markets.

Indian markets had a very choppy session yesterday during and after the RBI’s meeting, but markets climbed down to close almost flat after a day of big drama of going up and falling down and going up again.

Today, expect Indian markets to trade in this week’s range and remain choppy on global cues. This is the last session in Indian markets before closing for a 5-day long holiday string (till October 06).

That will add to the volatility as most of the trades will prefer to take their money off the table before the closing ring today.

Expect a highly volatile session in Indian markets today. Global cues will decide intra day trend in these markets.

Good luck, enjoy the session, have fun in markets today.

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Volatile, Worried before ECB

1 Oct, 2014, ( 8:59 AM IST)

Sep 30, 2014, (11:29pm EDT)

Global markets have come one more day closer to the European Central Bank’s meeting on Thursday, and markets continue to trade in red with worries about the central bank’s monetary policy.

Remember, how global markets were rallying before the ECB’s similar meeting last month?

Looks like the tables have turned and now, equity markets are sulking in the red before Mr. Draghi arrives :)

Last time, markets were so full of hope about a new QE from the central bank that all major indexes around the world went berserk with unfounded rallies.

This time, equity indexes are keeping low, mostly negative and trading in narrow ranges.

However, the Dollar index, is running continuously upwards as if following instructions from ABBA’s songon and on and on, keep on rocking baby till the night is gone.”

( For markets bears, my song would be “keep on rocking baby till the ECB is gone:) :) )

The Dollar index has crossed high mark of 86 and still, there seems to be no slowing down for this mega currency. Emerging markets are seeing their currencies being bulldozed by USD which spells anxiety for their equities.

Various economic reports will markets busy- and worried- in this session. Asian markets are subdued today as stock markets in China and Hong Kong are closed for local holidays. Nikkei is slightly positive as yen dropped against dollar. SGX Nifty is trading slightly negative, indicating flat or negative opening in Indian markets in half an hour from now.

Expect world markets to trade with high volatility, just like previous sessions, and remain bound in their range of last few days.

Good luck and have a great day in stock markets today!

See you later.

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US Markets Today: Range Bound, Volatile Session

Sep 30, 2014, (9:02AM EDT)

Blink; and we are back for another session in U.S. markets. Time really flies when traders are having fun :)

If you are a day trader, if you watch markets carefully, AND if you do as markets do, then you can really have fun in volatile markets.  That last one is the most important “trading secret “ that everyone knows and hardly anyone follows :)

Follow that secret in range bound markets, turn down with markets at resistance levels (sell at high) or bounce back with market at support levels (buy at low) and you can book small profits in range these trading condition. Don’t be greedy for bigger profits, those will come when markets trend.

Today, once again, we are going to see a positive opening in U.S. markets and the range of previous few sessions will continue to dominate markets. (p.s. U.S. stock futures and European markets have just dived low as S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price index numbers have come below expectations. So, the opening might not be as positive as expected earlier, in U.S. markets today. In that case, keep an eye on support levels of various indexes and watch for a bounce back form those levels. If markets continue to show weakness even at lower levels then we might see increased losses in these markets in today’s session.)

The dollar index is rallying like there is no tomorrow. But there is one, and the ECB will be the center of stock markets’ universe tomorrow.

Till then, expect U.S. markets to remain range bound and trade with high volatility. If any index breaches yesterday’s low levels, then expect a stronger lower trend in that index.

Good luck, have fun and have another “entertaining” session in markets today :)

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Volatile, waiting for RBI policy

30 Sep, 2014 (8:10AM IST)

Will the RBI increase its interest rates today?

I’m just speculating this as USD keeps rallying against the Indian rupee. It is inching closer to the mark of 62, with last closing at 61.68. This kind of activity hints that market movers are buying dollar against rupee, believing that rupee is about to have some negative news.

As I said, it is just speculation on my part. If it comes true, I’ll pat my own back and brag some more :)

If it doesn’t then I’ll preach you about not to believe in market rumors :)

Nifty traded mostly range bound in its last session and closed after some recovery from the day’s low levels. SGX Nifty is trading negative once again but like previous sessions, I’ll ignore this index as SGX Nifty is currently following Nifty.

Indian markets will wait for the RBI’s policy announcement today, expected to come at 11 AM IST. Trading pattern in the opening hour could see some volatile movement, but after that, markets might remain slow paced and narrowly range bound till a few minutes before the policy announcement. No change in policy will make markets go back to trade in global cues. A change will create bigger movements based on the positive or negative impact on markets.

A busy session ahead for Indian markets as these markets have a short week and long holiday ahead.

Expect volatile and range bound session in the first half. Indian markets will follow global trading cues in the second half. Nifty’s immediate range will be yesterday’s high and low levels.

Good luck, trade carefully, enjoy another volatile day in stock markets today!

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Choppy session on economic data

30 Sep, 2014 (7:59AM IST)

Sep 29, 2014, (10:29pm EDT)

Another red letter day starts in global stock markets- Asian markets trading negative, stock futures trading negative from U.S. to Europe and India.

In rest of the world, the weather might be a “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” but in our special world of stock markets, it’s “volatile with chances of bears’ rampage”. Looks like thrills of last week are determined to continue in markets this week too :)

U.S. markets, as I had warned you, bounced back after a gap down opening in their session and closed after a good recovery from day’s low levels in their last session. The ECB arrives tomorrow and if there is no leaked information in markets, then we might continue to see the same range bound pattern in global markets today also.

In case markets get a whiff of what the ECB is going to do, then there might be sudden up or down trend in global markets based on rumored actions from the central bank.

Before that, global markets are going to receive a flood of economic reports from Asian, European and U.S. markets through the session.

Be ready for a volatile session in global markets, keep strict stop losses in all your trades and watch markets closely for any big change in market-movement. In range bound markets, it is preferable to book small profits and cut your losses immediately if markets start going against your trades.

Trade with the trend till resistance or supporter levels and book your profits near these levels.

A clear trend will emerge only after the ECB’s monetary policy tomorrow. The way markets have been climbing down step by step, it looks that the central bank might not give markets as much easy money as markets whales are expecting. If that happens, a series of dropping index could start in global markets. The bigger the butt (of an index), heavier the fall will be :)

But all that is in future. Right now, enjoy a volatile session in global markets. Have fun and trade carefully!

See you later.

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US Markets Today: Volatile, on the brink of range breach

Sep 29, 2014, (9:32AM EDT)

Bears are enjoying a red carpet welcome in U.S. and European markets today :)

Big markets are tumbling just a couple of days before the ECB’s meeting? A very interesting session indeed!

European markets have tumbled one step lower in their current range.

Now we have to wait and see if U.S. markets follow the same path.

A huge gap down opening is looming large for U.S. markets today, but, major indexes will still remain range bound if, I repeat, if U.S. indexes bounce back after a negative opening.

U.S. markets had rallied in their last session and stock futures are lower by almost similar numbers today, indicating that even after losses in stock futures, U.S. markets will be opening near their last session’s opening levels. Effectively, that makes markets range bound.

Only if markets fall down from opening levels, can we say that U.S. markets have breached the range and more losses are ahead.

U.S. markets have more economic reports scheduled later today. So, wait for the initial trading pattern in U.S, markets and see which way markets are going. Then trade accordingly.

Good luck, have fun, have a great session in markets today!

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Volatile on global cues

 29 Sep, 2014 (8:17AM IST)

Here comes Nifty, craziest among the crazy indexes of stock markets :)

It’s going to be a short trading week for these markets so expect some volatile in the day-trading pattern

Indian stock markets are going to a have a very long break  this week on various holidays. From Thursday till next Monday, these markets will be closed. Before that, on Tuesday, the RBI will declare its monetary policy. Global cues are already turning negative. SGX Nifty and rupee are down. And Nifty and Sensex are trading near their 50-day Moving Average. In short, many reasons for Indian markets to turn choppy and trade with volatility.

Bank Nifty had been stopped by its 50-Day MA in the last session, so that closing level has now become a big resistance for the index.

Nifty’s last session’s opening level, 7885 is still its major support. Going by SGX Nifty’s low numbers Nifty might open lower today. BUT, as we have seen in recent session, SGX Nifty is nowadays following Nifty’s trading pattern.

So, watch out for a bounce back in Nifty from support levels after a low opening. Last session’s opening and day’s low for Nifty ( 7885- 7840) are still marking the range for this index.

Negative global cues might pressurize Nifty to drop back to these levels later today. Observe markets carefully in the initial hour of trading, see if Nifty find support at lower levels ( bounce back possible) or shows further weakness (more losses possible) , and then trade accordingly.

Good luck and enjoy every minute of trading Nifty today, you have only three days in this week to do so :)

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Volatile on Heavy data

Mon, 29 Sep, 2014 (8:10AM IST)

Sep 28, 2014, (10:40pm EDT)

Welcome back to an action-packed week in global markets!

Especially for bears, markets have spread a red –carpet welcome :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did (the outside world is full of comedy, if you ask me :) ) If you did, then get ready for some more comic moments in stock markets (for bears) and tragedy (fur bulls).

This week is full of activities- economic reports will flood markets and two important economy’s will see their central banks delivering short term monetary policy.

The Indian Reserve Bank will declare its policies on Tuesday, and a day after that, the ECB will come to churn markets with its own monetary policy.

Expect lots of action and topsy-turvy moments in global markets. All major indexes around the world are range bound, but slipping down step by step.

One day down, next day up- following this trading pattern, U.S., European stock futures and SGX Nifty are trading negative at the time of writing.

The Dollar index is main contributor in these lower numbers as USD is having an amazing rally, continuously running upwards, signaling a rate hike possibility from the Fed.

Expect a range bound, but most probably a lower trend in global markets today. Last sessions’ high and low will mark the immediate range for respective indexes. Keep an eye on important support and resistance levels for your local index, and trade accordingly.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy this first session of the new trading week in stock markets today!

I certainly intend to do so :)

See you later.

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Cheers2trade: Back at your service!


Sep 27, 2014,

Dear Readers,

As you must have realized by now, this “online tavern” of stock market gamblers, speculators- known as day traders, was forced on a “technical holiday.” Something was wrong with our hosting service provider Yahoo (maybe they  were busy counting their Alibaba IPO profits :) ). So, they did nothing, not even replied, when I sent them a distress mail that my site had disappeared.

Then our beloved site re-appeared in seconds ! Err.. just after I gave some “free advice” to yahoo in another mail (like, “why don’t you shut down your business if you can’t handle it”- :) :) )

And so, now we can all raise a cheer to our gambling bets and make merry with stock markets again. ( To be honest, it felt good  – to have an extended weekend :) )

I’m posting what I had written about global and Indian markets on Friday, before I discovered that I had no site to post it on. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this disappearance. We’ll talk about next week’s markets later.

Till then, enjoy your weekend, have fun and short some Yahoo shares next week to take revenge :)

See you later!

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Indian markets today: Volatile Session ahead

26 Sep, 2014, (8:58 AM IST)

Nifty fell with big volumes yesterday. Rupee tumbled below 61.5, SGX Nifty is trading highly negative at the time of writing.

A round of good news for bears in Indian markets :)

But- watch out for Nifty’s 50-Day Moving Average levels (7877) where it found support yesterday.

Today, going by low numbers in SGX Nifty, we might see Nifty opening near that crucial level. So bears, keep your eyes open for a possible bounce back from that levels. If Nifty breaks below that level, then7853 and 7800 will be its next stop.

Global cues are dominating Indian markets and if U.S. stock futures or European markets do not improve much, expect a continuation of lower trend in Indian markets today.

Good luck, have fun, have a great session in markets today!

See you later.

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