US Stock Markets Today: Day Trend will Remain Volatile on Shutdown Worries

19 January 2018 (8:21 AM EST)

Worries about a government shutdown are looming large on U.S. stock markets and futures have started declining rapidly as opening time approaches U.S. markets.

U.S. stock futures had stared the session with mild gains, then climbed higher and now an hour before the opening bell, futures have started declining.

This indicates the intraday trend can turn highly volatile and stock trading may see intraday trend reversals.

In last few sessions, U.S. stock markets’ trend has been quite choppy and range bound where major indexes have been trading negative and positive in alternate session. Yesterday, major U.S. indexes had closed in the red and although bigger indexes are still range bound, small cap index Russell 2000 has made a bearish engulfing candlestick this week. That means, small cap stocks may see more weakness if markets trade negative today.

The intraday trend in U.S. stock markets will again depend on how major indexes trade near their support and resistance levels. Any index bouncing back from its pivot support levels will indicate short term buying support while any index or stock pausing/ reversing trend from/ near its important resistance levels will hint at selling pressure.

You can check this pivot levels for major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page, or check here:

Intraday Pivot Levels for Dow Jones

Intraday Pivot Levels for Nasdaq 100

Intraday Pivot Levels for S&P 500

Intraday Pivot Levels for Russell 2000

A look at how U.S. futures had started the session:

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Highly Volatile, Speculative Trend Ahead

19 January 2018 (8:22 AM IST)

Today’s intraday trend in Indian stock markets can be highly volatile and speculators may continue to move these markets at their whim. Many important companies will be reporting their quarterly earnings, including 5-6 Nifty companies, with big names like Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, ITC etc which can keep Nifty and other major indexes highly volatile.

SGX Nifty is indicating a positive opening for Nifty and broader stock markets. But the closing can be in any direct- up, down or flat.

Yesterday, we had warned day traders in Indian stocks that a big gap up opening can finish with lower closing. That is exactly, how Nifty needed its previous session.

It was also Bank Nifty’s weekly Options expiration day, and speculators were out in full force, taking the banking index up by 500+ points on the back of only 4 banking stocks, thus hitting all those call sellers who had positions between 26,500- 26,800. The biggest PSU bank, SBI (State Bank of India) traded and closed negative yesterday but what a surprise, Bank Nifty traded and closed positive!

So, day traders in Indian stock markets should always be careful about such speculative moves and trade strictly with the market trend. You may not know what is happening behind the scene but charts will always tell you correctly which way the trend is going and day traders should blindly follow the trend, forgetting everything else.

For intraday trading in Nifty, today’s pivot level will be at 10,828. Resistance is expected near higher levels of 10,875-10,934-10,980 and support may come near lower levels of 10,770-10,723-10,665.

Watch these Nifty levels, watch how the index trades near these levels and follow its trend for day trading.

You can check pivot levels of major Indian indexes on our  pivot trading page, or here:

Nifty pivot level for intraday trading

Bank Nifty pivot level for intraday trading

Nifty IT pivot level for intraday trading

Sensex pivot level for intraday trading

Here is what we had warned day traders about intraday trend in Indian stock markets yesterday.

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World Stock Markets Today: Day Trend faces Negative Pressure, Volatility

19 January 2018 (8:22 AM IST)

18 January 2018 (9:52 PM EST)

A warning for day traders! World stock markets are turning highly volatile and facing various negative challenges in different regions. On the other hand, an speculative bubble is pushing world stocks upwards which is making markets trend risky and prone to sudden reversals.

In such conditions, day trading should be done for short term durations, without market bias (can go in any direction) and day traders must keep strict stop loss in all their trades. These conditions are worse for positional trading so avoid taking short term positions in markets.

U.S. stock markets closed negative on worries of a U.S. government shutdown. Asian stock markets are also trading under pressure after an overnight negative session in U.S. stocks. The starting trend is quite choppy in Asian stock markets. SGX Nifty is marginally positive, indicating positive/ flat opening in Indian stock markets today.

U.S. stock futures are turning negative and European markets futures are already trading negative. These negative futures hint at more choppiness in these bigger markets which can affect global stocks too.

Day traders should watch the intraday trend in their local index, take help of pivot levels for their day trading strategies and trade with the short term trend.

Some day trading tips from previous session in U.S. stock markets

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US Stock Markets Today: Intraday Trend Can Turn Volatile, Mixed

18 January 2018 (8:38 AM EST)

Are you wondering how top day trade stocks and indexes in U.S. stock markets today?

Then let us bring you some technical analysis related and other information that will help you with your day trading strategies.

U.S. stock futures have been trading mostly negative in this session, right from the start. Nasdaq futures (as we had warned at the start of trading session in Asian stock markets) are still trading negative with double digit losses.

S&P 500 futures are also slightly negative.

Dow Jones futures are very marginally positive. In fact, Dow Jones futures have been fluctuating between positive and negative through today’s sessions, indicating a highly volatile trading pattern.

In last few sessions, intraday volatility has been very high and major U.S. indexes have seen dramatic trend reversals from day to day and even within intraday sessions. Such volatility is good for those day traders who have self-discipline, stick to their day trading rules and always prepared their day trading strategies and day trading system before they even think of trading! In other words, they plot their trade entry and exit points BEFORE they start trading, and they have patience and self-discipline to wait for the right time to implement their strategy.

How to create your day trading strategy and day trading system?

Simply take help of intraday support and resistance levels, mark those numbers on charts and observe how the price behaves near those levels. If you do this, you can easily spot the trend and then, the only thing left is trade with that trend.

How will U.S. stock markets trend today?

Going by mixed and mostly negative futures, it seems that the intraday trend in U.S. stock markets will continue to remain choppy like previous few sessions. Tech index Nasdaq seems set for a negative opening. Other major stock indexes may see a flat/ negative opening.

You can check support and resistance levels of major U.S. indexes on this site’s Pivot trading page. Or, get those numbers here:

Support and Resistance Levels for Dow Jones 

 Support and Resistance Levels for Nasdaq 100

Support and Resistance Levels for S&P 500 

Support and Resistance Levels for Russell 2000 

Although U.S. stock markets have been in a very strong uptrend and Dow Jones has gained last 1,000 points in less than 10 sessions, the intraday trading pattern has become very, very volatile in U.S. stock markets.

So, watch these pivot levels for major indexes, find if they are bouncing back from support (buy) or turning down from resistance (sell) then trade with the short term trend.

Here is how U.S. stock futures had started the session with global stock markets

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Nifty Can Turn Range Bound, Bank Nifty in Rally

18 January 2018 (8:52 AM IST)

SGX Nifty in trading with big gains today, helped by a rally in U.S. stock markets. This indicates a positive opening in Nifty and broader Indian stock markets.

A higher opening usually translates a slow paced, range bound day trading sessions in stock markets. Sometimes, a higher opening also triggers trend reversal from opening levels, as we saw in Nifty previously.

It rarely happens that stocks rally even after a very big gap use opening.

SO, If Nifty opens with very big gains, then we may see a range bound intraday trend in Nifty. However, a moderate positive opening may cause Nifty to rise further.

We had written about Bank Nifty previously that this index has broken out of its strict range and can rally further.

For intraday trading in Nifty, its pivot level will be at 10,752. Resistance is expected near higher levels of 10,838-10,889-10,975 and support will come near lower levels of 10,702-10,616-10,566.

Day traders will benefit by using support and resistance levels for intraday trading. These levels, also called pivot levels, are the best intraday trading tool. You can check these levels for major Indian indexes on our pivot trading page; or here:

Nifty Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

Bank Nifty 100 Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

Sensex Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

Nifty IT Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

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World Stock markets Today: Rally in US Stocks Triggers Positive Opening

18 January 2018 (8:52 AM IST)

17 January 2018 (10:22 PM EST)

U.S. stock markets had another big rally in their overnight session, after a fumble;ing start. But the high close, especially in Dow Jones, which closed above 26,000 for the first time, has triggered a positive opening in world stocks.

Major Asian stock markets are all trading positive. SGX Nifty is nearly 50 points higher today,  indicating a positive opening in Indian stock markets.

European stock futures are also positive but, U.S. stock futures are showing a mixed trend.

Nasdaq futures are trading near their previous close, dipping at times in the red.

There is still an undercurrent of individual trend in world stock markets. European markets are having their own regional trend, Asian markets sometimes show diverse trend and Indian stock markets are mostly trading on their local cues, currently enjoying a rally on their government’s annual budget hopes.

Day traders should watch the trend in they local index, take help of resistance and support levels to check if markets are bouncing from support or facing resistance, then trade with the short term trend.

Global stocks are highly volatile at this time, trading with alternate positive and negative sessions. Day trading is expected to continue with this choppy trend.

Yesterday, global stock markets were facing a sell off; read  how world stocks were trading at this time in the previous session:

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US Stock Markets Today: Range Bound, Volatile Intraday Trend

17 January 2018 (9:22 AM EST)

After a highly dramatic trading session yesterday, U.S. stock markets are preparing to open with green numbers, again.

Yesterday also, U.S. stock and indexes had opened with a big jump. Dow Jones had soared above 26,000 for the first time. But then, everything nosedived and all major indexes and stocks ended in negative.

Today, U.S. futures are positive, indicating a positive open for markets, but now the intraday trend will become range bound and stocks and indexes are expected to trade within yesterday’s high and low levels. On the upside, this range will be breached when yesterday’s high levels are broken.

For Dow Jones, as we wrote previously, the drop from day’s high level to day’s low levels was a big one. It was the same for all other major indexes and stocks.

A range bound trading pattern would mean high volatility and day trading will be better done with the help of support and resistance levels, whether you are trading in stocks or indexes.

Check these support and resistance levels or major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page.

Give markets some time to settle in its intraday trend. Then trade with the short term trend.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Nifty Turns Range Bound, Rally Cools

17 January 2018 (8:38 AM IST)

NSE Nifty is facing negative global cues today. Nifty’s technical charts also show a weakness in the index at current levels. So, Nifty will either become range bound within last two session’s high and low levels, or see further drop from here.

Bank Nifty also reversed its trend yesterday after a breakout surge day before that. So, this banking index is also expected to trade within last two session’s range, or drop future to reenter previous range.

Ruppe is under pressure against dollar. That may add to pressure on Indian stock markets. An intraday trend reversal in U.S. stock markets in the last session has dampened global stocks and it can affect Indian stocks too.

The best trading tool for day trader will continue to be pivot levels or intraday support and resistance levels. For Nifty, intraday pivot will be at 10,716. Above this mark, resistance will come near 10,745-10,791-10,820 marks and support is expected near lower levels of 10,671-10,642-10,596.

We have been continuously warning our readers that Nifty is flashing risk signals on charts and true to those signals, this index had slipped in last two sessions in spite of going higher and crossing above 10,700.

The intraday trend in Nifty can turn highly volatile. Day traders should carefully watch the Nifty support and resistance levels, observe how the index reacts near those levels and only then trade with the trend.

Here is our previous trend analysis of Indian stock markets:

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World Stock Markets Today: Down, As Sell Off Grips Bonds, CryptoCurrencies, US Stocks

17 January 2018 (8:38 AM IST)

16 January 2018 (10:09 PM EST)

U.S. stock markets saw a sell-off from overnight session’s high levels after a big gap up opening and Dow Jones touching historic number of 26,000. The index took only 8 sessions to reach form 25,000 to 26,000. Is Dow Jones- and broader U.S. stock markets- in a bubble?

This stupendous uptrend in U.S. stock makes one suspicious that yes, it could be so.

Probably that is what most of the investors thought and U.S. stocks suffered a big sell off in their overnight sessions. In numbers, Dow Jone is showing only -10 points loss for the day, but actually, on charts, Dow Jones is showing an intraday loss of nearly -400 points from day’s high (26,086) to day’s low (25,702) level. And, this drop cane with bigger than usual volumes.

Cryptocurrencies, that are a big bubble, are now selling off once again. Bond yields are rising as bond markets also see a selling pressure.

As a result, most of the major Asian stock markets are trading negative today.  SGX Nifty is also just below its previous closing, indicating a flat or negative opening in Indian stock markets today.

All these factors indicate that day traders should be careful and must keep a strict stop loss in all their positions because market volatility is increasing. Also, the trend is turning choppy so trade with only short term trend, within major support and resistance levels of your local index or stock.

Gold is rising, which indicates that big investors are turning to this safe haven to park their money. And when big investors are being cautious, then small traders like us should also be careful while trading in stock markets.

This is how global stocks had started their session yesterday, and things were so different!

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US Markets Today: Dollar Spikes, Will Dow Jones Reach 26,000?

16 January 2018 (8:35 AM EST)

Will Dow Jones reach the milestone of 26,000 today?

If, repeat if, the index follows its high futures, then it will certainly touch that number. However, we have previously seen that sometimes high U.S. markets do not translate into equally high numbers after the opening bell,  so, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait to see if today’s intraday session will see Dow Jones at 26,000.

The Dollar index is bouncing back from support today, just as we had anticipated previously. Euro has dropped against dollar and European stock markets have gained as a result.

U.S. stock futures are trading sky high before the opening bell today, indicating a positive opening in these markets after last week’s continuous rally. Dow Jones futures are up by more than 200 points and S&P 500, Nasdaq futures are also trading with big gains.

If these futures numbers translate into equal gains for indexes, then obviously U.S. stock markets will see a very high opening today.

However, if major indexes do not open as high as futures are indicating now, then we can still have a positive session but maybe not with such big gains.

To plan you day trading strategies, it would be better to once again check with intraday support and resistance levels of major indexes, after the opening bell, and observe how indexes behave near those levels. Mostly, after a high opening, markets turn range bound. In that situation, support and resistance levels (or pivot levels) become the best trading tools. Check this levels for major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page, or here:

Dow Jones Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

Nasdaq 100 Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

S&P 500 Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

Russell 2000 Support and Resistance Levels for Intraday Trading

This is how world stocks markets had started trading today

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