US Markets Today: Range bound and Choppy

Jul 23, 2014, (8:10 AM EDT)

Ready to run with Dow Jones?

I am! :)

And I can’t wait for more than an hour for U.S. markets to open their doors and step out in the trading ring, so here is a pre-open, before- the –action round up of these “gang leaders” of global stock markets.

Facebook is where all eyes are today in U.S. markets, and for a change, mine are too :)

FB is going to declare its second- quarter earnings today, making  Nasdaq the place of highly volatile trading action. At the time of writing, Nasdaq futures are trading quite positive, like other U.S. index futures, signaling a positive opening in these indexes.

FB is expecting gains on mobile advertising after its acquisition of Whatsapp. No wonder its stock jumped back to all time high levels this week (67.27) that FB had scaled earlier this year in March. Spread betting traders will be crowding Nasdaq for some quick trades today.

Dow Jones, my old friend, had shown selling pressure on day’s high levels yesterday. Today, once again, this index is expected to trade in the same range, till one side of the range ( 17,130- 17,000) is broken- upper or lower.

European markets are trading positive but with one foot ready to turn to the red side.

DAX, as expected today, traded with some gains but the index is showing reluctance in crossing its major resistance of 9,780. This means, the index is making a “lower high” on technical chart. And that means, the current medium-term bearish trend in this index is intact.

That’s all for now. Expect a choppy and small range bound session in U.S. markets today. It will be interesting to see if yesterday’s selling pressure increases in markets today?

I’ll be hoping for that to happen.

You can oil your trading harpoons and get ready to fish some market-whales in stock markets today :)

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: F&O expiration in sight?

23 Jul, 2014 (9:14AM  IST)

Nifty’s trading pattern yesterday made me feel like this index is getting ready for F&O expiration next week and will close at higher levels of its current range, which is 7,800 or above.

It often happens in Indian markets, that in spite of various negative factors, markets rally before the F&O expiration and refuse to close below a certain levels. Most probably because market whales have big Option positions near those levels and will pull trading strings to “manage” the levels.

So, SGX Nifty is signaling a gap up opening for Indian markets today. Nifty will be opening at or above 7,800. After that, we might see a slow moving, range bound trading pattern in Indian markets, or global cues might make Nifty close lower than its high opening levels.

So, take your chances and be ready for a volatile session in these stock markets today :)

Good luck, trade carefully, have a great day in stock markets today!

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Volatile at the Top

23 Jul, 2014 ( 9:12AM IST)

Jul 22, 2014, (11:42pm EDT )

Another awesome session in global stock markets has started which might leave traders awestruck!

I mean, some traders will be “awed” by markets; some will be “struck” :)

Here are today’s stock market “secretes” to help you in day trading -

1) Forex market is in focus now, as various CPI (Consumer Price Index) or inflation data is being released.

I never studied Economics, but here is an economic lesson that stock markets have taught me this year- CPI rising= Less easing from central banks= raising of interest rates= rise in that country’s currency (so confusing! now you know why I never studied economics J).  Today, this example is being seen in Australian markets where CPI numbers have come better than expected and Aussie dollar has jumped up nearly half a percent. Australian equity markets has also jumped up at this news and has made a positive breakout over its current range, trading nearly  0.75% higher today.

But elsewhere in Asia, this enthusiasm is not seen (except SGX Nifty, but that is different matter).

Other Asian markets are trading with weak gains, hovering near their previous close, nervous as European and U.S. stock futures are dipping in the negative.

U.S. markets opened high in their last session, but failed to sustain those high levels and came down to close near their opening level. That means, sellers are getting upper hand in those markets at current levels.

European markets took a breather in their lower trend, but the bigger trend is still bearish for those markets.

Expect a volatile and range bound session in global stock markets today, where yesterday’s high and low levels will mark major resistance and support levels. U.S. stock futures will be the guiding force for intra day trend in stock markets today.

Good lcuk, have a great session in markets today!

See you later.

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US Markets Today: Volatile Session Ahead

Jul 22, 2014, (9:29AM EDT )

What an amazing session this has been in global markets !

Markets are having a positive session after last day’s fall and traders are amazed :)

That’s the fun of stock markets, the secrets are known to special people (like me:)) and other are left guessing (like you :) )

So let me spill the beans of what stock markets are indicating today:

European markets are enjoying a breather in their bearish trend. U.S. stock futures are high on lower than expected economic reports. More economic reports are ahead, and so is volatility for markets.

Traders indulging in spread betting are enjoying the day as important economic data hits markets and with every  number, spread betting traders hit buy and sell to send currency, commodities, and equity futures rocketing up or down as per market’s interpretation.

That’s what has been happening in various segments of stock markets in the last one hour and it will continue for at least one more hour in U.S. markets as Home Sales numbers will arrive in markets later today.

Expect a highly volatile session in U.S. markets today. Opening looks set to be highly positive; same cannot be said about the closing levels. Warnings and clamor about stock market bubbles are rising but till now, U.S. stock indexes are refusing to pay any heed to these calls.

Dow Jones, as I had written yesterday, followed my words and stayed put at its new support of 17,050.

Today, it looks set to open near its week’s high of 17,100. After that the index has 50 more points to rise. What after that?

That will be interesting to watch.

For DAX watchers, if the index closes above 9,721, then expect a rally in further sessions in this index and European markets. DAX closing below this level today will put a questions mark on its gains of this session.

Expect a volatile and range bound session in U.S. markets today. The range is still that of last week’s high and low levels. Let’s see if these markets breach any of these levels today.

Good luck and get ready for some fireworks in U.S. stock markets  :)

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Nifty still range bound

 22 Jul, 2014 (9:18AM IST)

Isn’t it fun when your “friends” obey you?

Nifty, my “friend” did just that yesterday and did not go beyond the resistance of 7,700 as I had written :)

Yesterday, Indian markets traded in a “high open, low close” manner, but still managed to remain in the green zone.

Today, SGX Nifty is repeating yesterday’s trading range, that is, opening near the high level.

That will once again bring Nifty close to its resistance of 7,700.

From here, Nifty can do two things; stage a positive breakout and go much higher than this level.

Or, repeat yesterday’s trading pattern of trading down from day’s high levels.

So watch carefully how Nifty behaves near today’ resistance level. 7,700 remains its pivot mark for the day. Only below this mark, Nifty will face weakness.

Good luck, have fun, have a great session in stock markets today!

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Range Bound Trade Continues

22 Jul, 2014 (9:15AM IST)

Jul 21, 2014, (11:46pm EDT)

After a happy, jumping- with- joy Monday for bears, global markets are back for an action packed Tuesday :)

Global stock markets are showing characteristics of a typical range bound patter; down one day, up in the next session.

That’s why after yesterday’s negative session, we have a slightly positive wave in the start of today’ session in world markets.

Asian markets, SGX Nifty, European and U.S. stock futures- all are trading positive today.

Global markets approved of what I have been writing about them, and traded in a similar fashion to show their approval :)

U.S. markets traded in the “bounce back from support levels” manner.

European markets tried to do the same, but half-heartedly and then gave up and closed quite low for the day.

Indian markets showed a tendency of turning down from big resistance level.

Expect the same trading pattern in different markets around the world today.

European markets are worried about Russian sanctions as it will hit their business interest. Also, with recent fall, these markets have reached their major support levels of current lower trend. We might see a slight bounce back from these levels in early trade in European markets.

But after that, global markets will follows trading cues from U.S. stock futures as U.S. markets will receive a number of highly important economic reports when those markets open for trade in some 10 hours from now.

Expect a volatile and small range bound session in global stock markets today.

Fun, enjoy the ever changing, scintillating world of stock markets :)

See you later.

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US Markets Today: Support at new range levels?

Jul 21, 2014, 9:01AM EDT

DAX (Germany) down by nearly -1%, Dow Jones futures down by -40 points!

Start of a new trading week doesn’t get better than this, especially for bears  :)

After relishing a highly “entertaining” weekend in the outside world, I am thoroughly enjoying the lip-smacking bearish rampage in bigger markets today :)

European markets are down, U.S. stock futures are down, and if things remain like this, we can safely assume a gap down opening in U.S. markets in half an hour from now.

After that, day traders will have to watch for “bounce back from support levels” trading pattern in U.S. markets.

European markets did that earlier, but failed to sustain that bounce and have gone back to lower levels of the day.

Going by current low futures, Dow Jones might open near 17,060 mark which was earlier its resistance and last week, became its major support.

If this index reaches back and keeps floating above this mark, expect a positive session in U.S. markets. If Dow Jones fails in this and trades below 17,060 level, then expect the index to trade low and find support near 16,970 levels. This is an important range for this index today.

So, keep your eyes open and keep staring at Dow Jones. This index has potential of making or breaking global trading pattern in this new week.

Good luck, have fun, enjoy another action-packed session in stock markets today :)

See you later.

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European Markets Trading with Losses

Jul 21, 2014, (4:48AM EDT)

Err.. who is celebrating now?

Bears in European markets, certainly :)

All European markets are trading in the red, with DAX ( Germany) and MICEX10 (Russia) suffering big losses. The main Russian index is down by more than one percent, dragging along its business friend DAX by nearly the same numbers. DAX has fallen nearly -100 points and is near its major support level of 9,600.

U.S. stock futures are also trading negative, but not much. Keep an eye on support levels of European markets. If you are a bear and in profit, you can think of booking some of that profit now.

Good luck, enjoy a sensational opening session in global markets today :)

See you later!

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Indian markets today: Nifty’s resistance at 7,700

 21 Jul, 2014 (9:04AM IST)

Back to the “wonderland” of Indian stock markets :)

I like to watch Nifty as this index is usually the most difficult one to interpret, but also, gives clear trend indications if you observe it from a distance, for a few sessions.

Last week, Nifty had been bouncing back from support levels. How will it trade this week? Turn down from low levels? Traders must watch for this possibility as SGX Nifty is showing a gap up opening today which will take Nifty very close to its major resistance of 7,700.

Markets tend to become volatile near such levels, so a high opening might result in some profit booking in early trade. In the second half, global cues will dominate Nifty’s trading pattern so watch out how this index reacts to European markets. Today’ closing levels in Indian markets will be indicative of coming trend.

Good luck, trade carefully and have a great day in markets today!

See you later.

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World Markets today: Volatile Range bound Session

Jul 20, 2014, (11:32pm EDT)

21 Jul, 2014( 9:01AM IST)

World markets are slowly coming out of their weekend slumber, looking just as lazy to pick up momentum as I am :)

As I had written in my weekend post, we have had three exhilarating trading weeks this month, with very distinct trading pattern.

Today, global markets have opened for a new week with mixed trading pattern in Asian markets and only towards the closing bell we can identify which way global markets are tilting this week; range bound but bouncing back from support or range bound but turning down from resistance.

Right now, Asian markets are trading mixed, with Australia, Taiwan and South Korea in green and China and Hong Kong in red. Stock markets in Japan are closed for a local holiday today. SGX Nifty is trading highly positive and U.S. and European stock futures are trading with slight losses.

Expect global markets to trade with high volatility and remain range bound. Keep an eye on your local stock index’s pivot levels and trade accordingly. Any markets trading above pivot mark will have more chances of a positive intra day trend, below this mark day traders can assume a drop till support levels.

Good luck, have fun, enjoy the first trading session of the new week!

See you later.

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