US Markets Today: Volatile on oil price war

Nov 28, 2014, (9:35AM EST)

Happy new year to you all!

Well, what better way to start a new year just after giving thanks for the old one?

So, my new year starts from today, after giving thanks to the Universe for filling our lives with daily “entertainment” from stock markets :)

And, what an interesting start we have for this special “new year” :)

Oil prices, and other commodities are crashing, the Dollar index is rallying and equities have become anxious about new price war in crude oil. In short, OPEC is going to flood oil market with 30 million barrels of oil per day, for the next 6 months, which will crush oil prices. As a result, all major commodities; crude oil, gold, silver, copper etc are seeing losses in multiple percentile points today.

OPEC’s decision will crush those oil companies in U.S.- and elsewhere, that have high cost of producing oil.

That’s why, U.S. stock futures have been trading negative, dragged down by energy stocks.

Will this drop in energy stocks change the bullish trend in U.S. markets?

That will be hinted by closing levels in U.S. stock indexes today. A highly negative close might trigger another wave of correction.

A flat closing, or positive closing will keep these markets range bound.

So, you can watch the resistance and support levels carefully, and trade accordingly.

I’ll go and schedule my business meetings for the weekend :)

Good luck, have fun, have a great session in markets today!

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Nifty aiming for new high?

28 Nov, 2014 (9:14AM IST)

NSE index Nifty had closed near 8,500 yesterday. Going by SGX Nifty’s high numbers during early hours, we might  see a gap up opening in Nifty today. That will take Nifty closer t its major resistance of 8,533- 8,550.

From there, Nifty’s trading pattern will depend on global cues. If global cues turn negative, we might see a “high opening, low closing” trading pattern in Nifty.

Nifty will be making a “double top” signal on technical charts by today’s high opening. It will be interesting to see if the index, and broader Indian markets, break above this range or see a trend reversal to lower levels.

All that will become clear only after the opening in European markets and global cues. Till then, watch rupee’s trading pattern to anticipate Nifty’s movement.

Old F&O series has been bundled off. A new F&O series in Indian markets starts from today. Enjoy that and have fun in Indian markets today :)

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Volatile at the top

28 Nov, 2014 ( 9:11AM IST)

Nov 27, 2014, (10:40 PM EST)

Surprisingly, U.S. stock futures were negative in early hours of trading in Asian markets, after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Nikkei has surged after bad economic data, hoping for more stimulus from the Bank of Japan, and SGX Nifty, always ready to rally for any stimulus hope, is also trading highly positive.

European markets had a short but positive trading pattern yesterday, based in QE hopes from the ECB. Yesterday, global markets had traded on local cues but today, U.S. stock futures will once again take the lead.

This is the last trading session of this week and month, so bigger trend movements are not expected in global markets unless some important news creates volatility in markets.

Expect a short range bound session in world markets today with high volatility as we have been witnessing in recent months.

Good luck, enjoy the session and be ready for bigger moves ( means bigger entertainment :)) in markets from next week.

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Busy with F&O expiration

 27 Nov, 2014 (8:50AM IST)

Indian markets are having a party today; F&O expiration party :)

As Futures and Options contract for this month will end today, markets can go in any direction, based on profit booking or position taking by market whales.

Going by charts, Nifty had made a positive signal at this week’s lower level. so, it might go higher till the week’s top levels.


Or, it might drop below yesterday’s low levels.

So, keep an eye on yesterday’s high levels. If Nifty crosses those levels, then expect a positive trend. If Nifty shows resistance at that level then look for opportunities to trade short.

Indian markets have been range bound so we might see another volatile session where markets will trade in both directions alternatively.

Good luck and enjoy another session in markets today.

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Volatile, Range Bound

27 Nov, 2014, ( 8:46 AM IST )

Nov 26, 2014, (10:15 PM EST )

Global markets have opened their gates to a volatile session. For some, it is the same old cycle being repeated, for me, it is another episode of entertainment :)

U.S. markets will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday today. So, global markets are expected to trade more on local cues. U.S. stock futures are trading positive at the time of writing, but Asian markets are trading mostly negative, with SGX Nifty slightly ahead of its previous closing.

Volumes will be thin in stock markets in these remaining two sessions of the week. Expect small range bound trading pattern in global markets today where last week’s range will continue to bind indexes.

Watch your local index carefully. Markets give ample indications of which direction they are proceeding, and traders should follow those indications for trading, if they want to make money. That’s the easiest and most profitable trading strategy.

Now I have told you the secrete of making money in stock markets, so please go and try it in your local index :)

Good luck, have fun, have a great session in markets today.

See you later.

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US markets today : Range bound and volatile

Nov 26, 2014, (9:31AM EST)

Now that’s what I call a “pre-weekend” celebration; negative US stock futures and European markets slipping down from earlier high levels :)

Today’s session is the last full session of this week for U.S. markets. Tomorrow these markets will remain closed and on Friday, it will be a short session.

So, hopefully we might see some major moves in U.S. stock indexes today. On higher level, U.S. markets have been witnessing selling pressure. On lower level, support has been in place but it will be interesting to see if those support levels will hold today?

U.S. markets have been range bound in recent sessions and till the last week’s high and low levels are intact, the range will also remain in place.

Watch out for selling pressure at higher levels, support at lower levels and trade accordingly.

You can now jump in the trading ring and test your trading skills.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for U.S. markets to breach their lower range :)

Good luck, enjoy the session.

See you later.

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Indian Markets Today: Bank Nifty turns weak

26 Nov, 2014 (7:50AM IST)

On technical charts, Bank Nifty made quite negative signals in its last session.

Nifty, on the other hand, found support and climbed back from the day’s low. If Nifty drops below yesterday’s low levels, then expect more negative trading in this index and in broader markets.

SGX Nifty’s trading pattern suggests that we might see a continuation of yesterday’s bearish trading in Nifty today. SGX Nifty nearly fell down to its lowest levels from yesterday and is trading in the red at the time of writing.

Indian markets are following global cues so a weakness in U.S. stock futures would mean, a weakness in Nifty. 8450 and 8430 will be immediate support for Nifty. Below that, 8390 will be major support. Watch out for weakness in Nifty near these levels. Indian markets have been flooded with rumors and speculations of a rate cut, so keep strict stop loss in all your trades if you are trading short. That will protect your trades in case Indian markets suddenly become volatile.

Good luck, enjoy the session.

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Correction taking roots?

26 Nov, 2014 (7:36AM IST)

Nov 25, 2014, (9:06pm EST)

Bears are inching closer to grip global markets :)

U.S. markets showed a marked weakness in their last session, which closed down just a few hours ago. With them, European markets also trimmed their gains and closed much lower from their peak levels of the day.

Asian markets are following those weak indications from U.S. markets, with major indexes in Asia trading in red, including SGX Nifty.

Global markets are cooling down at their current levels and some correction is expected to take place in order to bring buyers back in markets. At these high levels, buyers have disappeared and negative worries are piling up for global markets.

Expect a volatile and most probably a lower session in world markets today. Yesterday’s high and low will mark today’s range in all major indexes.

Good luck, enjoy the session, have a great day in markets today.

See you later.

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US Markets Today: Still Range bound, volatile

Nov 25, 2014, (9:14AM EST)

I moved mountains, I won the race against time in completing my work of company reports from U.S. markets, and now I’m back to win the battle of trading in stock markets :)

I am a winner you know, and this is usually how I win in stock trading.

I come, I trade, I win.

I trade again; I win again.

I become greedy, I trade once again, I lose.

I get pissed off so I trade one more time to get back my earlier profit. I lose again, this time all the profits and some more.

End of the session, end of the story; which of course you all know, because you all do the same :) :)

Please don’t do it today. And beware of all that glittering rally in European markets (DAX over more than 100 points) because this rally has lowest volumes since last week. No volume support= glass instead of diamonds :)

Same thing can be said about higher U.S. stock futures today. U.S. indexes had made a new high on Friday last, but failed to sustain those levels. So, last week’s high and low are still making the new range in U.S. markets and traders should watch for any signs of weakness at higher levels. If that happens, selling at high will be good trading strategy, with strict stop loss in place.

If markets show no sign of weakness at higher levels, then go with the trend and stay with positive trades.

Good luck and have fun in markets today.

See you later.

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World Markets Today: Global cues start to cool

25 Nov, 2014, (10:01 AM IST)

Nov 24, 2014, 11:30pm EST

Honestly, I had not been able to look at U.S. markets after their opening bell in the last session and Asian markets since their opening bell till now. That’s’ why I could not provide you your “first dose” of “ magic potion” about stock markets :)

But the good news is, a negative candlestick in U.S. indexes ( closing lower than opening), negative session in Indian markets and highly negative U.S. stock futures are indicating something fishy (or bearish :))  is going on in global markets today.

As I had written previously, U.S. markets will have a short trading week and U.S. politics has gone back to a road which signals “ government shutdown ahead.”

I still believe, U.S. politics is affecting and will affect global markets in short term future.

Indian and European markets follow trading cues from U.S. stock futures.

So, keep an eye on U.S. stock futures and watch for a trend reversal in global markets today, in the lower direction. Trade according to markets’ behavior  near support levels. That’s is, weakness near support would mean bears are back in markets :)

Good luck and have a great session in stock markets today!

See you later.

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