Indian Markets Today: Rupee, Global Cues To decide Trend

12 Feb, 2016 (8:58AM IST)

Indian markets had suffered a great fall yesterday as the Indian Rupee fell with a thud against Dollar.

But SGX Nifty started rallying overnight during the session in U.S. markets as it became clear that the Federal Reserve was still considering more liquidity for markets. That will help emerging markets like India and also support their currencies against Dollar.

That is why SGX Nifty continued to pile on numbers and is higher by 90 points at the time of writing.

That means, Nifty could open near 7,050- 60 levels, which will be near its pivot point of the day, 7,048.

If Nifty survives above this level, then it will have chances of gaining more and try to recapture levels of 7,100 or 7,136 if global cues also support, especially European markets.


However, if bigger markets continue to decline then Nifty may not be able to hold on to its gains. In that case, it might trade lower after a high opening, swinging between 7,000 and 6,900 levels.

Right now, a positive session looks more possible for Indian markets today. However, traders should keep an eye on how rupee and global cues, then trade with the trend in Nifty.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Can Oil, Fed Support Markets?

12 Feb, 2016 (8:46AM IST)

Feb 11, 2016, (10:16pm EST)

A higher trade in Oil prices and the Fed Chair comments about possible negative interest rates- will these significant positive cues support global markets?

Or, are markets spooked by China who will open for trade next Monday after a week’s holiday?

This questions arises as Asian markets continue to trade highly negative in spite of a more than 4% jump in Oil prices, and U.S. stock futures continue to slump with Asian markets even though the Fed Chair Janet Yellen explicitly said in her Congressional testimony that negative rates are not off the table.

That comment had fueled nearly 100 points’ jump in SGX Nifty, indicating a higher opening in Indian markets later today; but other global markets are still showing signs of pressure.

U.S. markets had recovered from their day’s low levels in their last session and Nasdaq even briefly touched green numbers before closing slightly lower.

Right now U.S. and European stock futures are trading mixed with single digit positive or negative numbers.

Later in the session, Crude and Brent Crude Oil’s trading pattern could influence the global trend. Crude is trading above $27 and Brent is trading above $31. If these two Oil indexes gain further then European markets could trade positive, pushing global markets upwards.

However, if Oil prices fail to sustain their current uptrend, then global markets will fall with these indexes.

Local cues could be more influential today in deciding intra day trend. So watch how your index trades and follow that pattern.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Volatile between Fed hopes and Oil Worries

Feb 11, 2016, (9:19AM EST)

Although U.S. stock futures are trading highly negative before the opening bell, but traders would do well to watch for a bounce back after lower opening as Crude Oil futures have started bouncing back and there have been some good news from the U.S. economy.

European markets have recovered from their earlier low levels, although still trading highly negative. DAX (Germany) has regained almost 100 points from its low levels of today’s session.

U.S. markets will wait for the Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s comments on economic and financial conditions once again today. Any hint about delay in the central bank’s rate hike plans will bring cheer to U.S. and European markets.

As it is, there has already been positive news on that front, that the fed fund futures contracts are indicating there will not be any rate hike before 2018.

Expect a highly volatile session in U.S. markets today. The Fed Chair’s comments could decide intra day trend in these markets. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s Congressional testimony to start at 10 AM EST.

Till that time if Oil recovers then we could see some recovery in major U.S. indexes too.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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Indian Markets Today: Global Cues will Dominate Trend

11 Feb, 2016 (9:03AM IST)

Indian markets should be celebrating the fall in Oil prices. But instead, these markets are touching bottoms as bigger markets fall with Oil.

Today also, Nifty and broader Indian markets are following lower U.S. stock futures, which in turn are tracking lower Crude Oil futures.

That means if global cues improve, for any reason; it could be Oil or it could be the Fed’s outlook, Indian markets will also improve.

However, if U.S. stock futures continue to decline then Indian markets will also continue with their lower trend.

Nifty is expected to open near its first support of the day, 7,171. Below this level, 7,127- 7,100 will provide major support to the index.

If global cues improve when European markets open, the Nifty might try to recapture 7,200- 7,221 levels.

However, negative trading in European markets will put more pressure on Nifty and it could continue with more losses. Markets volatility will remain high.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Volatile, Mix, Range Bound Session

11 Feb, 2016 (8:53AM IST)

Feb 10, 2016, (10:22pm EST)

Global stock markets are showing a mixed and volatiles trading pattern in early hours of Asian session.

European stock futures are trading with slightly green numbers even though U.S. stock futures are slightly red. Asian markets are trading highly negative, including SGX Nifty but some improvement has come in from day’s low levels in Asian indexes. Oil prices continue to slum but the Fed’s monetary policy is in the center stage today also as the Fed Chair Janet Yellen will continue with her Congressional hearing for the second day on Thursday.

Like yesterday, global markets will trade on different cues in different time zones.

In opening session, Nikkei and Oil prices could lead global trend. Once European markets open, DAX (Germany) and Oil prices will take command and later on, in U.S. markets, the Fed Chair’s comments about economic conditions and the central banks’ short- term policy will dictate markets trends.

How can one juggle so many events and find their meaning to interpret the trend?

Simply by following what markets do.

Do not look here or there, or decide what the trend is “going to do.” Just watch what the “trend IS doing” and follow it.

Right now, global markets are range bound within their day’s low and high levels, as is Oil.

Give markets some time to stabilize in their trend, see if markets are bouncing back within upper and lower levels (good for buy at low and sell at high strategy) or staging a recovery from low levels and continue with that recovery (buy at bounce back and hold till trend line continues). Once you can see what markets ARE doing, all you have to do is, follow that trail.

Expect high levels of volatility in global markets like previous sessions. If European markets turn higher, they can pull global markets to positive levels like yesterday.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Will We See a Yellen Rally ?

Feb 10, 2016, (9:10AM EST)

Positive numbers in European markets and U.S. stock futures are a welcome sight. People do not like very negative numbers as have been piling up in these markets recently.

The Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s dovish remarks about struggling global economy have provided much relief to bigger markets and U.S. stock futures have gained once again, after taking a slight dip on some better economic reports.

Even though Oil prices are dropping continuously, European markets and U.S. stock futures are rallying, turning a blind eye to Crude Oil futures that has dropped below $28, as markets hope that the Fed will provide liquidity relief to markets as global economy weakens.

But, again this poses a big question- will these higher numbers sustain through the session? Oil is still a problem, and the Fed’s worries about global economy could also make markets anxious and investor could seek to take money out of equities.

So let us keep our fingers crossed and wait to see how major indexes trade after the opening bell. If Dow Jones trades, and closes, above 16,136 ( its last session’s high) then we can hope for more gains in coming sessions.

However, a closing below 16,000 will signal weakness in this index and broader U.S. markets.

Good luck, enjoy the volatile session!

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Indian Markets Today: Highly Volatile on Global Cues

10 Feb, 2016 (9:06AM IST)

Although SGX nifty is trading with big cuts in early session, Indian markets may not follow this lower trend as seen in last session as well.

Indian markets had opened with deep cuts yesterday and immediately rallied up to cover the losses. Going by the recovery in U.S. markets and stability in Oil and U.S. stock futures at the time of writing, Indian markets might once again try to recover their opening losses- if any, and trade within a strict range, following global cues.

Although Nifty had been under pressure recently and has shown reluctance to cross over major levels, still if global cues improve then this index could also try to recover its losses. If global cues slum again, the Nifty will also continue with its lower trend.

For intraday trading today, 7,274 and 7,250 will act as major support levels for Nifty. If this index succeeds in going over 7,300 then it will have more chances of trading higher and 7,322 or 7,344 levels.

All will depend on how U.S. stock futures trade. Watch if Nifty follows those number and trade accordingly.

Expect a volatiles session in these markets as we have seen in last few sessions.

Good luck, trade safely!

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World Markets Today: Volatile, Trending on Different Cues

10 Feb, 2016 (8:54AM IST)

Feb 9, 2016, (10:24pm EST )

After an extremely volatile session in U.S. markets, Asian markets have opened with negative numbers. Although major markets in Asia are still closed for the New Lunar year, but one by one these markets have started opening and volatility has started with that.

But there is a difference of trading pattern between Asian markets and developed markets from Europe and the U.S.

These bigger markets are now waiting for the Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s two-day Congressional testimony on Wednesday-Thursday and have become strictly range bound. That’s why, in spite of a continuous drop in Oil prices, U.S. markets held their levels and today in Asia, U.S. and European stock futures are trading with minor negative numbers. In fact, CAC 40 (France) futures are even showing green numbers.

However, Asia is showing more negative trend. Nikkei is once again highly down. SGX Nifty is showing big cuts but these cues have a chance of trend reversal if Oil picks up and U.S. stock futures start gaining.

Later in the day, European markets, particularly DAX (Germany) will dictate trend.

Expect global markets to trade with high volatility and try to remain range bound before the Fed Chair’s remarks about the U.S. economy and the central bank’s short term policy.

In Asia, Nikkei will influence trading trend. If this index recovers later in the session, other markets will follow trend. Once European markets open, then DAX will take lead in global trend. If Oil trades positive then it will support bigger markets. However, a drop in Oil may or may not affect trend in bigger markets as they wait for some comforting words from the Fed.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Struggling Near Support as Oil Falls

Feb 9, 2016, (9:03AM EST)

Highly negative U.S. stock futures are indicating a range bound session in U.S. markets where yesterday’s low levels will be tested right at the opening bell.

Oil prices has fallen once again after fetching some gain earlier in the session. Crude Oil futures are trading below $30 and near to their last week’s low of $29.20. If that support holds, and Crude bounces back, then U.S. markets could also find support at lower levels and repeat yesterdays’ trading pattern of low opening but relatively better closing.

However, if Crude fails to sustain above 29.20, then expect bigger losses in U.S. markets today.

In short, watch markets after a gap down opening, wait for some time and then trade with the trend.

Markets could be highly volatile so traders should keep an eye on trend reversal signs, whether at lower levels or near day’s higher levels.

All depends on Oil. Keep your fingers crossed and get ready for a lower opening in U.S. markets where Dow Jones will open below 16,000 and is expected to test its lower supports of 15,880 once again.

Will the index bounce back form this levels or fall further? That we will come to know after the opening bell- and before the closing :)

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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Indian Markets Today: Lower on Global Cues

9 Feb, 2016 (8:43AM IST)

Indian markets had tumbled with European markets yesterday. Today, SGX Nifty is once again highly negative, indicating a gap down opening in Indian markets later today.

If things don’t change, then Nifty is expected to open today near its first support level of 7,330. Traders should watch out for a recovery from this levels as usually happens with gap down openings.

The trend will depend on how global markets trade today. If the lower trend continues in other big markets (signaled by U.S. stock futures), then Nifty and broader Indian markets will continue to decline. In that case, Nifty could go down to 7,300 or 7,271 levels.

If, for any reason, global markets improve, especially European markets, then Nifty and broader Indian markets will also follow the pattern. That possibility looks remote right now.

Watch how Nifty trades after the initial volatility, then trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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